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Kelmscott Branding

Kelmscott are bread and cake bakers, utilising traditional sourdough methods, using only locally sourced, ethically and sustainably produced ingredients. We worked with Kim from Kelmscott to develop the brand for her business, to be rolled out for any future bakehouse premises and for her made to order bakery.

Kim’s well rounded design brief contained references to the Arts & Crafts movement in Britain from 1880 -1914, as well as William Morris’ elaborate patterns with an Australian twist.

kelmscott k lockupBagkelmscott k paperkelmscott k bread

After a research stage and series of client workshops, we asked Jamie Clarke to come on-board to help develop a distinctive monogram K, to be used in support of the logotype. After a few rounds of sketches and discovery, Jamie came up with a highly decorative K using the motifs of wheat, waratahs, gum and banksia, with a distinctive William Morris feel. The monogram K is reproduced in a single color and has been designed to scale to accommodate a variety of uses including signage and packaging. 

We also developed a set of support patterns from the decorative K for use with the logotype and packaging and really love the result.

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