We partner with festivals and events, big and small, to develop smart, conversion-focused digital products.

Drive ticket sales

Put your line up front and centre, integrate it throughout the site, and make it a dream to navigate. Sell early (and often) to loyal punters with priority ticketing and announcements. Deepen your engagement with shortlisting and event cross-selling tools.

Built for marketing

Simple, clean interfaces that are a pleasure to behold. Square the focus on great content and clear CTAs. Integrate social feeds and sharing, sponsor requirements and media centres––all optimised for SEO, and tracked with deep analytics.

Tailored to event life-cycles

A website for all seasons: from line-up announcements through to the event day(s), and then right through the off-season. Add your seasonal artwork to our phased website layouts, and power calls for entries, ticket sales and fan engagement.

Scalable infrastructure

Websites that perform during critical traffic spikes. Our servers and software scale up for announcements and big traffic surges, and then down again for off-peak periods, meaning you only pay for what you need.

We’ve built websites for some of Australia’s most renowned festivals and events, like Laneway Festival and the Opera House’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Mobile-focused interfaces

Mobile design and development so good you won’t need an app. Our sites are responsive, mobile-focused and lightning fast. All festival and event websites are optimised for mobile, and can be re-skinned year-to-year.

Event branding and design

From visual branding and identity to planning and strategy, we have you covered. Our complete solutions also include brand research and seasonal event artwork, as well as integrated design (graphic, UI and UX).

Flexible, reliable support

All our sites are backed by reliable support and flexible warranty options. We offer server and CMS support and maintenance, as well as 24/7 service level agreement options, so you can rest easy.

Powerful pages

No more rigid templates. Our pages are powerful and flexible enough to do whatever you need, whether it’s ticketing CTAs, event cross-selling, responsive media embeds, flexible WYSIWYG content areas, or integrating news/blogs and social media.

Integrated subscriber management

We know how important subscribers are. Create simple and elegant cookie-based sign-up prompts, alongside site-wide sign-up options. We work with you to drive sign ups, and let you manage subscriber data via the CMS or third party platforms.

API and app integration

Seamlessly integrate third party applications like Google Maps, Disqus, or Soundcloud. Your site will also play nicely with external services, letting you feed your content directly into external festival apps, for example.

With a range of powerful, smart functionality, our festival and event websites make life easy for event managers.